If you are a first time beginning learner, or a seasoned honey professional,

our Team here at Herb's Honey Pot offers so many different solutions to

the many different questions and styles in making the quality of

honey that we have become famous for.


Below is just a brief list of some of the many detailed items

that are essential in the natural growth of honey that we

personally carry. If you have any questions or needs,

please don't hesitate to Contact Us anytime.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Italian Nucs:      Available Mid Late April Each Year

Russian Nucs:   Available Mid Late May Each Year

Nuc Colony consist of 5 Frames: Consisting of the "Current Year" Laying Queen with 2 1/2 - 3 inch frames brood all ages,

2 frames drawn comb with honey and or pollen.


Italian Colony Complete: Bees, Laying "Current Year" Queen, Drones, 6 Frames brood all ages, 4 Frames drawn comb with Honey

and/or Pollen, 10 Frames w/Foundation,  1 Screened Bottom Board, 2 Hive Bodies, 2 Medium Supers with Frames and Foundation,

1 Screened Inner Cover, 1 Top Cover - All Wood Ware Painted.


Italian Package Bees: No. 3 Size Available and Packages are Pre Paid for above Pickup date

Italian Laying Queens:  All Queens are Pre Paid for the Above Pickup date


Treated Wood Hive Stand:   (4 Hives Maximum Capacity)   


Heavy Sugar Syrup:   A 67% Mixture in 5 Gallon Buckets w/Lid   

with a Good Clean Bucket Exchange, Dirty Buckets are An additional and No Bucket To Exchange


Nuc. Hive Components: You will need to provide prior to April 1st Each Year In Connection

with your Name, Delivered to Above Address Location by Appointment Only!

1.....   1 Bottom Board and 1 Hive Entrance Reducer

2.....   1 Deep Hive Body (8 Frame Boxes Add 3 Frames with Foundation) (10 Frame Boxes Add 5 Frames with Foundation)

3.....   1 Inner Cover and 1 Outer Top Cover

4.....   1 Moving Strap (The ratcheting type 9 12 this is a must)

NOTE: You should have your Bee Hive location prepared and ready with Hive stand in place prior to picking up your Bees!


Points Of Interest To Follow:

*    Have your Hive Stand installed level with the Hive front facing a southeastern direction with a brick, rock or weight for the

     top cover of each hive.

*    Have your Bee suit, Veil, Hive Tool, Smoker w/fuel, etc., at least 1 additional Hive Body with Frames and Foundation for bee     

      expansion, Clean 5 gallon buckets for Sugar Syrup mixing and feeding.

*     When the bees are ready for pickup they will need to be inspected by you (Prior to Dusk) and close up hive and carry

      them home (After Dusk).

*     Remainder of Bee Payment Per Hive must be made in FULL before pickup, by Cash, Check, Credit or Debit card.


All WoodWare "Select" Quality Only 10 Frame Hive Parts



Brushed Only


10 Frames

Hive Body




Medium Super - 6  5/8


Give Us A Call Anytime


Shallow Super 5  11/16   For Updated Cost and Estimates  
Cypress Bottom Select     Inner Cover  
Screened Bottom Board     Screened Inner Cover  
Hive Top Cover Standard     Cypress Hive Stand  
Top Feeder (Wood)     Metal Queen Excluders  

Top Feeder

(Wood/Plastic M/L)

    Complete Hive Painted:  

More Information and Pictures To Be Coming Soon

Please Don't Hesitate To Contact Us Directly If You Have Any Needs or Questions