We started our personal beekeeping years ago back officially  in 2005,

and today work around 200 individual bee colonies producing honey in

4 different counties. Plus we now have Italian and Russians colonies

producing bees packages, Nucs and Queens for resale


Our family colonies produce honey that is 100% natural,

straight from the nectar sources (clover, flowers, etc.),

that is grown only here in the Carolinas. We make

everything handmade, from the hive to the jar.


Flowering plants, shrubs and trees providing nectar for bee colonies and honey

production in and around the Charlotte Mecklenburg Piedmont Area of

North Carolina! Honey production is not limited to only these plants or trees.


Flowering Ornamental  and Fruit Trees:

Almond, Apple, Crab Apple, Nectarines, Pear, Peach and Plum


Natural Trees: 

 Japanese Maple, Red Maple, Sourwood, and Vitex (Chaste Tree)


Woody Shrubs:

Camelia (Japonica, Sasanqua), Chinese Abelia, Crape Myrtle (Natchez,

Byers, Wonderful White), Hollies (All shrubs and tree forms)

Mahonia, Ligustrium, Spirea, and Sumac



Autumn Joy Sedum, Bee Balm, Black Berry, Buckwheat, Buckhorn Plantation

Clover (White, Crimson, Yellow), Fall Aster, Goldenrod, and Kudzu


and  ALL  Vegetable Gardens,  Flower Gardens,  and  Wildflowers


Please Contact Us Directly If You

Have Any Needs or Questions


We Look Forward To Speaking With You


And Truly Enjoy What

Nature Has To Offer !!!