A Little about Us::

We at Herb's Honey started beekeeping in 2005, officially. We began as a hobby beekeeper and have evolved over time, to now working over 600 individual bee colonies, producing honey in 7 different counties.
Our family colonies produce honey that is 100% natural, straight from private properties nectar sources (shown below) that are only here in the Carolinas. 
 All of O ur Honey, and honey products are produced by our bees, our hives, and by hand.
What sets us apart from other apiaries is the manner of which we extract our honey supers for production. Our honey is extracted Seasonally, for allergy purposes, however in doing this we found that each season provides a different flavor profile to the Honey. Our seasonal extractions, and location specific extractions, along with the fact we keep our honey raw, unprocessed and unpasteurized is what has kept our customer base growing, and our customers healthy and returning since 2005.
 Local . Raw . Honey
Grown, Produced, and bottled in the Carolinas.

What the Bees are Pollinating.... 

  • Flowering plants, schrubs and trees are what provides nectar for our bee colonies and Honey production, in and around North and South Carolina counties. Honey production is not limited to only these plants or trees.
  • Flowering ornamental or fruit trees
  • Natural Trees
  • Woody Shrubs
  • Wildflowers
  • Vegetable Gardens
  • Berries (all)
  • Perennials
  • Weeds
"At Herb's Honey, our mission is to provide the best raw honey, for our customers. To inform our customers of the importance of raw and unpasteurized honey for your health. Most importantly to protect, support and sustain our Honey Bees." -Herb